Why Wood?

Wood vs PVC-u Windows

Replacement windows are an important long-term investment. They can add value to your home, save on fuel bills, improve peace and quiet, improve security and reduce the time you have to spend on maintenance.

Before taking the plunge it’s worth looking at whether you would be better off by choosing wooden or PVC-u windows. Here’s a comparison to help you make that decision.


PVC-u windows are almost always the cheaper option when it comes to initial cost. However, they rarely offer the best value. Wooden windows will last at least twice as long and they will also add value to your property – particularly if it’s a period home.


Our timber windows come with a 20-year warranty, whereas PVC-u windows typically have a 10-year warranty.


PVC-u replacement windows have spoiled the look of many period properties right across the country. Although some PVC-u companies are now making better looking period windows, nothing looks or feels quite the same as wood. With today’s wood windows, you can have authentic traditional details, such as joints, narrow glazing bars and integral horns without sacrificing performance.

Modern wood windows, have a solidity and quality that are as important inside the room as outside.

Our timber windows also come in a range of colours & natural wood stains at no extra cost. 

When it comes to our wooden conservatories & orangeries it is impossible to recreate the intricate detail in any other material. By comparison many PVC-u conservatories & orangeries can look clumbersome next to timber alternatives. 


Both wood and PVC-u replacement windows can give high levels of energy-efficiency. The strength of wooden frames makes it easier to fit heavy triple-glazed units without ultra-thick sections.


Today’s windows, whether PVC-u or factory-finished wood are all low maintenance. The only annual maintenance they need is for the frames to be washed down and the hardware lubricated. Depending on exposure conditions, factory finished wood windows will need an initial fresh coat of paint after about ten years; then at seven year intervals. This brings them back to their original condition – and allows you to change the colour if you want to! PVC-u windows, on the other hand, do not need to be re-coated but will gradually lose their finish. We often see PVC-u windows where glazing beads discolour leaving the window with an ugly yellowish finish. Wood windows are also much easier to repair than PVC-u.

The environment

Wood is the greenest choice of window material. Studies show its superiority across a range of environmental impacts. Most significantly, for every wooden window you fit instead of a PVC-U window, you save around 160kgs of carbon dioxide.

Our Guarantee

All of our standard products are covered by our comprehensive guarantees. 8 years paint finish on opaque colours, 10 years on glass, 10 years on workmanship & 20 years on timber. All of our guarantees are subject to our terms & conditions.

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